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ProPresenter 6 Tutorial: Downgrading ProPresenter

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ProPresenter 5 & 6 Tutorial: Downgrading ProPresenter

Sometimes an update will fix something your church doesn’t use and break something you do. You really want to go back in time and undo it, but how? It’s really not that hard. Here’s how you downgrade to a previous update (or build) of ProPresenter.

First, it could be that you don’t need to downgrade at all. Renewed Vision is pretty responsive and they may have already fixed the issue in a new, new update. Check to see if you do have the latest version by clicking on “ProPresenter 6” in the top of the screen and then “Check for updates.” I’d always try to do an update first.

If there’s no update or if it doesn’t fix the problem, the best strategy is to always keep the previous dmg file on your computer. That way, even if you have internet issues (or Renewed Vision does), you can revert.

If you don’t have the previous version go to and scroll down to “Version History”. You’ll see a triangle to the left of the word “version”. Click that and it will expand out to show previous versions.

Once downloaded, it should mount a drive on your desktop that has two things in it. Drag that version of ProPresenter onto the shortcut in the folder for the applications folder. Now, it should tell you that there’s already a version of ProPresenter there. Tell it to either “Replace” it or “Keep Both”. If you “Keep Both”, the new one will have a number added to the end. Just use that one.

That’s it. It’s pretty easy and often solves problems, at least temporarily.

Now, tell me a story about a time you really needed this in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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