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Podcasts on Google Play Music

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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, Podcasts on Google Play Music

Like most podcasters, I was excited to hear that Google Play Music was adding podcasts. When the email came that they’d officially launched, I didn’t investigate immediately because my podcasts are all in the podcasts iOS app.

However, after looking into it today (over a month after the launch), I was dismayed by what I found.

[tweet “After looking into podcasts on Google play music today (a month after the launch), I was dismayed by this:”]

First, the page the email sent me to had one small line on it that mentioned podcasts, but tons of stuff all over it that talked about music and YouTube Red.

Once I did sign up, it took me to a page filled with the big players in podcasting, but very little from small, indie podcasts.

Having submitted my podcasts, I was sure that Google would make it easy to find with a simple search. Nope.

None of my shows showed up by title. The only way I found any was by searching for “church tech.” While I’m happy that I had 1/4 of the results, I’m sad that it’s because there were only eight (not eighty or eight hundred…8) church tech podcasts and I had two.

So, Google Play Music, you have a lot of work to do. A month out and it’s hard to find your podcasts and harder still to find a specific one. That’s disconcerting.

I can only hope that in the future podcasts on Google Play Music will be easier to find and not something you have to struggle to get.

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