Answers to church tech questions on a bad live stream mix, scaled pix, & Pro6 messages on Android| Q & A Show

Answers to church tech questions on a bad live stream mix, scaled pix, & Pro6 messages on Android

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On today’s Q & A, Answers to church tech questions on a bad live stream mix, scaled pix, & Pro6 messages on Android

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jon shows on YouTube
We have a split snake and use a presonus 24.4.2AI to mix my online stream. My online sound “ok”, but we just arent getting the best sound possible. I think some of it has to do with the sound guys not being trained well (my fault) but also I believe we are missing something. If you get a chance to check out what we are doing here is our website

A: The vocal sounds a little dry to me. It sounds like from your question that this is a separate mix (which, as you say, sounds okay), but I think it’s the fact that there’s no presence to the vocal. It just sounds like it’s coming directly from the mic with nothing to make it sound better. Could you add in either a little reverb or a little bit of the house sound from an audience mic?

I’ll admit that audio isn’t my primary thing, but that’s just how it hits me.

Jesus Jehovah on YouTube
How do you get your pictures to fit to scale rather than fit to fill ??

A: In ProPresenter? Under preferences and then advanced, there’s a setting, but that affects both stills and videos, which you might not want. You can also right click on individual media in the video/image bin and select media properties and then change it in the tab with the gear.

L.G. Hershey1 on YouTube
Mr Clifford, perhaps you can solve a problem I’ve been having. ProPresenter 6 states that messages can be accessed on an iPhone, iPad or Android device. I’ve not been able to get an Android device to find the propresenter network. it’s there a fix or trick to making this work? Hersh

A: I just grabbed my 9 year old’s android tablet (an RCA that has 4.4.2 AKA Kit-Kat on it). Once they were on the same network I typed the IP address into the address bar on Chrome and it worked like a charm. To test it, I even send a message and it worked as expected.

That leads to to thinking that either I did something on my network to make this work, it work on Kit-Kat, but not more recent versions, or there’s a networking problem with your set up. I just don’t know which.

We do know it’s not all android with Pro6 on Mac.

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