ProPresenter 5 Tutorial: Fixing Mirroring Issues in ProPresenter 5

ProPresenter 5 Tutorial: Fixing Mirroring Issues in ProPresenter 5

I got a call from Tullahoma TN (the guy didn’t leave his name, but that’s what the caller ID said) saying he had a problem in Pro5 with mirroring. Basically, he couldn’t see the control screen because the output had taken over the control screen. He asked for how to fix it. If I was in his shoes, this is how I’d go about fixing mirroring issues in ProPresenter 5.

So, here’s how I’d fix it.

First, check system preferences. Under displays, there should be an arrangement tab. Make sure “Mirror displays” is unchecked. It is on mine (and I’m having the same problem, which I suspect is a bug that shows on certain configurations in Pro5).

Anyway, we move on to step 2. Now check preferences in Pro 5. You might have to use the keyboard shortcut “cmd 1” to turn off the output so you can work. Now, go to the ProPresenter 5 menu and click “Preferences”. Again, there’s a tab marked “Displays.” Click on that and make sure your output (which says “Out”) is dragged onto the box which signifies your projector or televisions (whichever you’re using). Again, mine was, so I move on to what I suspect is your actual problem.

Having turned the output back on, tap the button on the keyboard with the little rectangles on it. Mine was F3. Everything should change and all the windows on the desktop will become smaller rectangles. Drag the output screen over to the display that’s the actual output.

Now, click on any of the apps in the rectangle and you’ll return to normal.

Let me know whether it works for you and if not, we’ll try something else.

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