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today’s Tech Help for Churches,

Creating and writing your church email newsletter

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Once you have your account set up, how do you actually create a church email newsletter? It’s not hard, but there are some things that most churches miss.

A snazzy email newsletter may actually hurt deliverablity, at least with google. Gmail’s priority inbox filters commercial email and puts it in a separate folder. One of the things they use to see if it’s commercial is the amount of images. One is no biggie, but if it’s more, you may be filtered out.

To counteract this, sometimes people go to the opposite extreme and send text only email. This is a mistake, too as it prevents you from tracking opens and clicks.

It’s better to just have a simple template with one or two images, but allow some people to get text only emails if they want (most won’t). For more tips, watch the video.

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