Answers to church tech questions on: A Live-streaming host, overlapping audio, video out, and a new live-streaming system

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On today’s Q & A, church tech questions on:

A Live-streaming host, overlapping audio, video out, and a new live-streaming system

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Kent via email
Hi Paul,
I was watching Tom Sinclair show and he mentioned you will be on the
show this week. I been going around CDN’s forever. I use Wirecast for
production and I like it. My big thing is playing videos at a set I
time. I used and like the schedule event automatic
feature. I am now with sunday I like them also but they are
cheaper and has a nicer chat room feature. Other than streaming from
Wirecast at a set time. Do you have any ideas how to do a scheduled
player remotely or have it setup. Or do I need to move back and bit the
bullet with Any thought would be great thanks and
great work.

John Penner on YouTube
can I make a song list with YouTube mp4’s and have them overlap so that we don’t have any dead space ?

ElViveHoy7771 on YouTube

Paul …I’m in a bind here.. I need your help . I have a pc with an HDMI port that I connect 2 a 24 “inch MONITOR. My pastor just bought 2 60” INCH TV’s and 50 feet of hdmi cable. He wants me to connect the monitors to the same pc using an HDMI SPLITTER and I have done that. I told them the splitter only splits signal and the pc or the program in this case Windows 7 only sees 1 monitor not the 3 of them. I need to find out a way to have my screen “the monitor” when I do the work for all the songs display the information there and the 2 60 inch TV’s output the actual songs so everyone read the lirics but I do not want them to see the screen I’m working on. Help me man…

Jeremy via Twitter
Hi Paul. My church wants to livestream. We have PP5 running on Mac OS. We have Nikon d3200. Thoughts? Advice? Thanks!

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