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ProPresenter 5 Tutorials: More about hot folders

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Hot folders are really useful things, but adding them isn’t enough. Here are three tricks to keep in mind.

First, you can right click on videos to turn them into foreground videos by selecting “Make Foreground” in the context menu that shows up. To do a bunch of them, command-click the first in the set and command-shift-click the last to select a range of videos. Now, right click one of the videos that’s a background video and select “Make Foreground” and it will make all the videos foreground videos.

If some of the videos in the group are foreground and some are background, but you want them all to be one or the other, select the range and then right click on the one that’s the opposite of what you want. So if you have some that are backgrounds and some that are foregrounds, you could right click on a foreground video and select “Make Background” and it would change all in a range to that.

To rename a hot folder, slowly double click on the name. That should select the text and make it so that the name is editable. That way you don’t have to keep the name that makes sense in finder in ProPresenter where it might not makes sense.

Finally, to delete a hot folder, just right click on it and select delete.

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