Live-streaming gear I’d use for a smaller church

Live-streaming gear I’d use for a smaller church

I was thinking about what live-streaming gear I’d get if I had a little money to do a better stream. I’ve already got a computer and cables, so that’s taken care of, but I’d love to get an HD switcher, a couple of cameras, and a couple decent tripods. Since I really had HDMI over long distances, I’d want to change the HDMI that a consumer camcorder comes with to SDI.

Here’s what I came up with: Live-streaming gear (affiliate link).

It’s a BlackMagic ATEM Television Studio for the switcher, 2 Magnus VT-4000 tripods, 2 Excelvan mini hdmi to SDI converters, 2 Canon Vixia HF R500 camcorders, a Behringer Xenyx 802, and a Teredek Vidiu encoder.

There are a few things missing, though. I already have a macbook pro that I’d use for graphics and control of the ATEM. I have various cables including XLRs, BNCs, and a couple HDMIs. I have microphones. I also have a light kit.

If I was using this in a church or during a concert or something, I’d also need a comm system to communicate with camera ops.

So, I think that while this system isn’t cheap at about $2,400 (give or take), it would do what most churches need (not larger churches mind you, but smaller ones).

Hope it helps someone. 😉


For more on the type of gear I’d recommend, check out this episode of Tech, No Babel that I did on Live-streaming gear.