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Twitter, A Switcher, ProPresenter 6, and the Easy Worship Switch

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[tweet “How can a church use Twitter? (And other church tech answers here):”] Travis Benge via email
Thank you for connecting with me via Twitter and giving me your email.

I run [the twitter account] for our church. Our goal is to grow our social media account so we can start reaching out to our community. We would like to invite community members to our service, share the gospel and be an encouragement to our followers.

We have 40 followers and I started tweeting everyday. Our church is in the small town of Bardstown, KY so we don’t except to have 4k followers.

How do we gain enough followers to begin reaching our community?

What are some proper ways to engage non believers on Twitter?

How do you become a known church in our community through social media?

Anything you can answer or add to we welcome help and support! I’m in the midst of getting your books as well.

[tweet “How can you change between cameras for a live-stream? (And other church tech answers here):”] Jim Frye on Twitter
…Do you have a recommendation for a multicam live streaming on a church budget?
— [tweet “What features would I like to see in ProPresenter 6? (And other church tech answers here):”] KirkDickinson on
Not sure I understand the want for instagram or facebook? Why?
I for sure understand the streaming because I have tried it vain to try to get a streaming even to work properly through PP5. The built in browser is inadequate.
What are CSV worship orders?

[tweet “Can ProPresenter do for us what Easy Worship did? (And other church tech answers here):”] Max via email
Hi Paul,

Just stumbled across your site which seems like a wealth of information. Thanks for your ministry!

We have recently switched to ProPresenter from Easyworship for a number of reasons, but were surprised to discover a few things about the Stage Display feature that were limitations to us, despite weeks of investigation and testing! ; ) I haven’t been able to find these topics on forums, so I thought I’d ask you . . . please let me know if this is within the scope of what you can answer via email.

1. ProPresenter will not show the first slide of the next song in the “Next Slide” field, even when it is in contiguous view. This is particularly important to us as most of our songs are done back to back without stopping or in medleys.
Renewed Vision suggested that we create a new presentation file for each medely that we want to do, which seems like a lot of work to do for each service and also completely eliminates the usefulness of the Arrangement feature (a major downside since Arrangements are such a useful feature of Propresenter). Do you have any other suggestions?

2. When we click the Clear Slides button for the Output, it also clears the slides from the Stage Display.

…the abilty to even see the Stage Display when the Output slides are cleared seems critical to the purpose of Stage Display in the first place. Are we missing something?

I appreciate any insight you can provide.

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