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On today’s Tech, No Babel: Live-streaming: Solving online audio problems [tweet “Bad live-stream audio? Try these tips o fix it:”]

If your sound, especially music, sounds bad on your live-stream, what’s the church tech to do?

Mix with a dedicated mixing desk, audio engineer, and in a space acoustically separated from the sanctuary. Admittedly, this is both the best and worst solution since you’ll likely get the best results, but the cost, space, and personnel requirements make it a hard-sell.

You can also mix with a subout (or with groups, if one group is the problem, as suggested by one of my youtube viewers). As long as you have good noise-isolating (not noise canceling) headphones, this can give you good results for almost no money. The audio tech might not have the additional attention to spend on it, so it’s less than ideal, but better than the third alternative.

I call this the “bare minimum” approach. Every church that live-streams should at least have an ambient mic to add to the mix to bring some of the room sound in.

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