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On today’s Q & A, questions on: Lighting and the Holy Spirit, live video, and YouTube

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KM on the CTL group:
I’m looking to read up on all the ways we can use lighting and sound to affect how people connect to the Holy Spirit in our worship. I am reading Forgotten God by Francis Chan and I am realizing how much more I want Him to be in our worship.

I will appreciate literally any advice or suggestions you have with your years of experience,

Also I’ve tried looking it up on Google but I couldn’t find anything useful.

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RR on FaceBook
Our worship leader wants to film the congregation as part of a segment of the Christmas program this year. We’ve tried Skyping from a phone to the booth PC and relayed to the screen, but the resolution was terrible (probably because we were forced to use the front-facing camera on the phone). Does anybody have other ideas?

Donna (from my video class via email)
How do I get back to my videos on YouTube? I can’t find the list?

And if I edit it in YouTube, can I create my thumbnail beginning clip in there when I got to trim the video?

I just want a simple intro page that says Welcome

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