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ProPresenter 5: Groups and Labels

[tweet “You might need to add groups or labels in ProPresenter 5. Here’s how to do it:”]

By default, Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter 5 comes with four group labels: Verses 1-3, and Chorus. What do you do if you need more? Try this process.

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About this show:

The ScreenCast show is a weekly screencast recorded live every Tuesday at 11a EST(-5 UTC), 8a PST on Watch it live and join the chat then.

But, if you miss the live show, I’ll put up the edited show later (usually on the same day) right here.

This show started with Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter 5 software, but might include Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, or any of the other web services that churches might use.

If you do tech at your church or you use computers to advance your church’s mission, this show is for you.

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