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On today’s Tech, No Babel: What I’ve learned from using entry-level editing software

When you’re in church tech, sometimes you just don’t have the money for what you really need. As a result, you make do. There are sometimes problems with that approach, though.

I first edited video using a linear editing system, from one tape to another. Then, I started using Final Cut Pro and loved it so much that I switched to a Mac.

With the change over from tape to tapeless recording, I initially tried to transcode my footage so that I could still use Final Cut Studio. It was very time consuming.

I really need either Final Cut X or Premiere Pro to do what I do. Here’s the thing. I’m used to the power of high-level software, but I don’t have the money for the ones that can do what I want.

So, I’m trying to use what I do have: Camtasia and iMovie (which are better for non-tape work). The problem is that I want to use them like the higher-end stuff and they just can’t do it.

Watch today to find out the lessons I’ve learned.

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