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Dumping our projector in favour of 7 monitors
Our church projector has proved unsuitable because our building has large windows and the sunlight (when we’re blessed with it here in northern England) sometimes defeats the shadows, making the DVD or PowerPoint presentation almost invisible. So I plan to swap the projector for five large TVs and two small ones, positioned on the walls around the room, which is 15 metres x 11 metres. However, I’m now faced with the question as to the best way to link them all together. Should I use HDMI, VGA, Ethernet or coax? And are there splitters which are capable of being daisy-chained? All signals are generated by a laptop computer and we do not need HD, nor do we need different information on different screens – they all need to show the same images.

The audio aspect of this is already dealt with by the PA system, so I only require video signal distribution.

Any help to point me in the right direction would be very much appreciated.


Question Propresenter – no output to external

Just joined the forum (lots of layers involved there with activation/verification )

I’ve been appointed as the ‘tech support guy’ for our church computer systems/software etc. (It’s also what I do in ‘real life’).

Having an issue with Propresenter (was working properly – until a few weeks ago – have un/reinstalled the software with no change)-

Windows 8 (8.1? need to verify).

***Here’s the problem:
After creating a slideshow, and clicking ‘view external’ – the output defaults to the main screen.
Secondary issue – mouse/window loses ‘focus’ and goes behind the main window – we can work around that (resize window and click on desktop/program window a couple of times).

2nd monitor (projector-in ‘extension mode’) – is working fine – can drag windows etc to it, or duplicate the main display (which is what we need to do to make this work at this time).

Our user indicates the output screen did not have a ‘X bubble’ in the lower left before. Is there an update/or configuration that created that?

I’m not too familiar (yet) with the software, so I’m missing something or possibly an update broke the output.

Powerpoint/Impress is working properly on same PC.

side note – before I was Powerpoint aware – I constructed slide shows using HTML and ‘automatic redirect/next page advance’. Things are different now!

Any assistance appreciated,



New video system help!
Good Evening! Very much rookie here…

We had a member donate two Sony PTZ SD cameras which spawned the idea of installing a recording system in our sanctuary. So here we go…

Our goal: to capture the service and save to file and/or DVD for outreach ministry

In searching for solutions to control and mix the camera feeds, a Panasonic MX70 seems to work however there is no PTZ control and SD only. Also not sure the best solution for recording the video for multiple format options. Capture card in a PC maybe? If starting from scratch, is HD the way to go? I see some new installs still dont seem to be taking the complete plunge? Looking to keep this as simple as possible while at the same time be expandable should the idea be well received.

Any and all help soup to nuts is really appreciated!

If you’d like to chip in a few bucks, anything you do is appreciated. Just click this link to donate:
If you’d like to chip in a few bucks, anything you do is appreciated. Just click this link to donate.

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