THFC131230 — Looking Back at the Past and Forward into the Future


On today’s Tech Help for Churches: Looking Back into the Past and Forward into the Future:

It doesn’t seem possible that I’ve only been doing this show since April. In that time we’ve talked about wordpress, podcasting, social media, websites, and all manner of other internet and web technologies.

Next year, I think we’ll start to see the decline of FaceBook. They’re trying so hard to make money that I think they’re alienating their users. Other social networks aren’t making this mistake.

I predict new trends that those of us over 30 will jump onto a proof that the teens are even more decadent. We’ll assume that outliers are the mainstream and actually give some of them ideas on ways to use technology that they haven’t had yet, bad ideas based in fear.

Streaming video will continue to grow for churches, but some will tack it on as something they “should do” and blame it for declining numbers, when no stream can be as good as being there live.

Other churches will stream and see their numbers grow. They’ll treat online as a new campus, reaching people that they couldn’t reach before.

Older people will get more and more technologically advanced and more churches will realize that the 45 year old who bought the first Mac in 1984 is now the 75 year old who isn’t as out of touch with technology as they once thought.

Some churches will grasp this unique opportunity to use tools that we’ve never had before to reach people we couldn’t reach before. Others will blame the tools.

The church’s influence might wax and wane, but the truth is that it’s on our shoulders to spread the good news. It’s not society or the internet’s job.

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