January numerical goals update and 2014 new goals

Here’s the last update from last year:
[table id=6 /]

What did I learn?
Take a look at the numbers in columns 2, 3, and 4 above. You might notice that I didn’t make all my goals.

That might make you sad, but look again. For the year, nothing went down and even the areas that I didn’t work as hard on, like Pinterest and Google+ saw increases.

In the case of Pinterest, my followers increased 57% and in the case of Google+ it was 263.5%. That’s not bad for “failure.”

Let’s say I hit my goal for gross income this year (see my goals below). If it increases by 57% in 2015, that means I’ll bring in $39,250; that’s a pretty big increase.

Most of my numbers increased by over 100%, so I’m calling this a success.

Now, for 2014. Here are my numberical goals for this year:
[table id=7 /]

First, it’s time to start making enough money to pay my bills. I feel funny talking about this, but the truth is that I can’t do all this for nothing forever, no matter how much I may want to. $25,000 isn’t a lot of money (and I want to use a chunk of that to pay some people to help me, so it’s even less). I’ll be recording my income here so we can see how I’m doing.

The other goals should help this one come true. All of the goals are pretty audacious with the least being something like a 57% increas and the largest being a 9,200% jump. Does that mean that they’re undoable? Nope.

Last year, my FaceBook page grew 882% (if I’m doing the math right), so I think it’s possible to raise small number to very large numbers.

We’ll see how this goes because some of the “how” are my other goals.

I want to launch three online courses (and run them at least once) and hire my editor, at least a few hours a month. If the courses are a moderate success, I can put money into advertising and other things to get make the goals even more plausible.

In January of 2013, I hadn’t ever run over a mile; this year I’m training for a 1/2 marathon. I only had one languishing podcast. Now I have 5 shows, 3 are podcasts, 2 are streaming only. I didn’t have a Roku, let alone a Roku channel. Now I have both.

I think 2014 can be a breakthrough year for TrinityDigitalMedia.com and ChurchTechCast.com.

Now, for the hard work.


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