Church Tech Cast Q & A for December 27, 2013

On today’s Q & A: Apps, Streaming, and Database Software

Here are today’s questions:
PM on g+

I have a meeting in a few weeks with the senior leadership of my church to make a decision if we continue pursing Live-streaming of our services to interact-with & reach more people — they are wanting to hear the philosophy of other churches who have the capability to stream, and either do or do-not stream, and why? Things like “we are afraid we will lose numbers in attendance, people will just stay home and watch…,” ect.. I would like to compile all the answers into a blog post; all feedback is appreciated!

GH on g+

Church apps? Any recommendations under $1,000 per year?

PS in ChurchTech on g+

What is some good software for making a contact list of church servants? I am looking for cool features, easy to use, and maybe apps available. I like so far. Just looking for any other suggestions.

CG on Christians in Business on g+

What do you think about this “new” medium of internet radio… and how does it impact the strategies you’re using for your business?

tsdszt on CMN
Help with Live streaming
I am looking into live streaming for our church and need help in picking out a camera and which live streaming service to use that is not to expensive. I have been recording our services on an old Canon disc camcorder and posting it on Youtube. And what I am looking to do is both live streaming and recording our service. I prefer PC and I would like to mount 1 remote controlled camera at the back of the Sanctuary with a zoom lens (it does not have to move our Sanctuary is not that big) and be able to view the service on my computer while live streaming and recording.

alleyman on CMN
Projector Rolling Lines in signal from Cameras
Hello Friends,
I was recently hired as a Media & Tech Director at New Hope Church in Kodak, TN. It use to be the Lee Greenwood Theatre. Along with that came a huge amount of tech that was top of the line when the theatre was built but is getting some age on it. We have three JVC Pro SD DV cameras that are fed to a Sony Anycast switcher. Two of the signals are being sent via s-video and one by composite, it’s s-video plug is broken. The major problem right now is the feed from the camera has thick black ghosting lines rolling through. I know it’s some sort of interference. I’m going to switch the cables to Cat6. It has s-video cables right now. I would guess they are ran about 100′ feet each. Do you think the Cat6 cable will fix the problem? Are there filters I could use to fix the situation? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Chris Alley
Director of Media & Technology
New Hope Church

MrTerje on CMN
Condenser mic for podcasting/voice recording?
Hi guys!

So just a quick question for you. I’m planning on starting recording podcasts and video commentaries for our church. But for now we don’t have a proper studio for those things, so I have to record these things in a room where noise from the PC fans, keyboard or mouse as well as sound from people outside of the room might occur.

I really want to go for a condenser microphone like the AT 2035 or the Rode NT-2a together with an external sound card, but I’m afraid mics like that will pick up too much noise. Is there anyone here that has experience with something like this? Or can you recommend any other high quality microphones?

Elbert Westcott:
@PaulAlanClif Just beginning video 4 my church. THANK YOU 4 understandable instructions! Is 1 podcast more focused on video than another?

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