ProPresenter 6 Tutorial: How to send NDI without the SDI or AlphaKey Modules

ProPresenter 6 Tutorial: How to send NDI without the SDI or AlphaKey Modules

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How to convert ProPresenter 6’s output to NDI without the SDI module:

So let’s say that you need to send NDI from ProPresenter, but you do not have the SDI module. You don’t have the Alpha key module; the NDI slash SDI module is a sub-module of the Alpha key module. So if you have the Alpha Key Module, you have the NDI/SDI Module, but let’s say you don’t have that and you don’t need the Alpha Key, you just need to send the output of ProPresenter to something that takes NDI like a, um, like PVP3 for example, which I’m going to show you how to use here in just a second.

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Um, so the first thing you do, go into ProPresenter, go into preferences and click enable Syphon. Now what syphon does is it, um, sends the output of ProPresenter into any syphon-aware software like the software I’m about to show you. So let’s head over here. This is the, uh, site, It’s got TCPSyphon. If you want him to send syphon from one computer to the other; I’ve got another tutorial on doing that. But we also have this syphon2NDI. So what you will need to do is download syphon2NDI, install it on your computer and uh, once you do that, uh, this is also very helpful for the NewTech line of switchers since NewTech invented NDI. So that works for you. So what you would do, download, install it. And let me show you what it looks like.

Here we have it and it’s pretty simple. Um, it’ll probably come up like this. Don’t worry about it. Just click down and ProPresenter 6 output. That’s the syphon output. So now this is sending this over the network as NDI. So let me show you proof that it’s actually doing us. Um, if we go over here into PVP, I’ve already set up to layers. I’ve got the second layer is the syphon2NDI and the first layer is just straight Syphon because it’s on the same machine. So if I click here, then, you’ll notice that I have the output here. Let me just disable that. Uh, I had the output.

Let me head over, back over to pro6. Clear that out to show you that “I exalt thee O Lord.” OK, so now we go back over to PVP and we see that “I exalt thee O Lord” is in fact there. So that works in syiphon, but it also works here, if I enabled this, you’ll see that it still is showing “I exalt thee O Lord”.

Let me disable the layer that is. Oops. Didn’t put on the target set. OK, let’s just disable the layer that has the syphon output. This one and show the layer that has the NDI2Syphon output, just to show you that shows up as Paul Dash local…Paul dash seven dot local Syphon2NDI.

It won’t show it that way for you because you’re going not “Paul” and this isn’t your seventh macbook of some form or another that you’re using. Now, this is in fact, just mine, but it’ll be something similar. Um, and it should show up at syphon2NDI.

You might need to also, start up the Syphon2NDI client on whatever machine sees that, but you might not as well. So here we are. Um, and that’s there, that’s what’s chosen here. You’ll notice the Green Line here indicating that that’s what’s here. Let me go change the slide. On ProPresenter and now it says, “I exalt thee, exalt thee”, and I go back to Pvp and it says, “I exalt thee, I exalt thee.” So if all you need is the output over NDI, let’s say that,

you’re using the NewTech Switcher, which name has just left me, I don’t know why, but you’re using a NewTech Switcher, and you just don’t have any inputs left. Then you can do this without buying the NDI/Sdi module. But if you do want to use the Alpha Key module than you would have to pay for that. So this is kind of a little bit of a hack, but it’s something that, if all you need is NDI, it’s a free way to do it.

This is also a great trick to use if you have other hardware that can take NDI, like a tricaster.

NDI is a great tool to send video all over the church on the network because of it does it with low-latency, too.

So, I hope this tutorial got you thinking about ways to do just that.

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