More settings to change on your ProPresenter Mac

ProPresenter 6 Tutorial: More settings to change on your ProPresenter Mac

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On today’s ProPresenter show, (brought to you by, more settings to change on your Mac to optimize for ProPresenter.

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I keep hearing people complain about problems that are simple to fix, but that can cause problems if you leave them on the defaults.

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In previous videos, I covered iCloud backup settings, power settings, separate spaces, display arrangement, and system sounds.

There are a lot of preferences that you want to set up in specific ways, and I’ve got another video that shows you most of those, but I missed one. You might think it’s in ProPresenter, but it’s not. It’s in system preferences which you can get to by clicking the apple up here in system preferences.

Now when you get here, what you want to do is select APP store. Now here is where we’re going to change what we need to change, make sure you’re an administrator, otherwise you won’t be able to do this. They won’t work, etc. So automatically check for updates? Fine. Download newly available updates in the background? That’s OK. Install APP updates. Probably fine as well. It’s the last two that I’m most concerned about.

The reason is if you keep your Mac off during the week and then you’d come into church and you don’t have a half an hour extra, you don’t have an hour extra. Maybe you’re getting there at 6:00 in the morning, turning on your Mac will have you install those.

If you want to be absolutely safe, you could uncheck them all. Still do the updates, but do them when you have time to do them. So right after church, when you’ve got the longest span of time, just in case something goes wrong, it gives you time to troubleshoot, but that’s the thing that I would check and make sure that’s set up that way so that you don’t get any scary surprises right before church.

One of my biggest beefs with Windows right now is that it seems like there’s a glitch that makes it auto update no matter what you do.

Turning off autoupdates for Mac will prevent similar problems.

That said, don’t forget to do updates on your Mac at other times. There was a security flaw in High Sierra that was discovered in November of 2017 that made it possible for anyone to walk up to the computer and instantly log in and take control.

It was quickly fixed in a subsequent update, but if you’re a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kinda person, you might not have noticed that it WAS broke and needed to be fixed.

So updates are important, just do them during the week or right after church so they don’t bite you right before.

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