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5 iTunes podcasting myths

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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, 5 iTunes podcasting myths

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1. Ratings improve iTunes rankings directly
It’s actually subscribers, weighted toward more recent subscribers. Now, more ratings will encourage more people to subscribe, which will therefore help you climb the charts, but not ratings directly.

2. You need to upload your podcasts to iTunes
iTunes will take your feed url and point to that and your media (which is hosted on a media host), but it won’t take the files directly.

3. iTunes is the only directory that matters for podcasts
This used to be true. Today, it’s becoming less and less true with the Google play store, Stitcher, iheartradio, and others vying for attention. iTunes is still the most important, but it may not be for long.

4. You only have a couple of weeks to be in New and Noteworthy, so you better maximize them.
Not true either. There is a finite period of time that you can be new, but the list is a list of shows that are either new or noteworthy. I think of it as the new list and the noteworthy list. You can be noteworthy anytime. Daniel J. Lewis of “The Audacity to Podcast” co-hosts “Once” which is a “Once Upon a Time” podcast. It hasn’t been new for years, but when the new season starts, it becomes “noteworthy” and so reappears in the list quite often.

5. “New and Noteworthy” can make or break your podcast.
There was a time when making the “New and Noteworthy” list would yield a spike of thousands of subscribers. That day is gone. Often people in the list see a few hundred listens, but only a fraction of those become actual subscribers.

So, what iTunes myths have you heard? Share them in the comments below.

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