Answers to church tech questions on: multiple gifs, Feedburner with WordPress, and only pro6 for Mac

Answers to church tech questions on: multiple gifs, feedburner with WordPress, and only pro6 for Mac

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On today’s Q & A, church tech questions on: multiple gifs, feedburner with WordPress, and only pro6 for Mac?

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Bob Lopez on YouTube
Very helpful! Thank you. One more question. If I wanted to play multiple gifs sequentially, and have all of that sequence loop continuously, any thoughts?

My answer: Add each as a foreground element in a playlist item in Pro5 (Pro6 doesn’t play animated gifs, so if that’s what you’re doing, convert them to videos), add a Go to next timer of 0 (assuming the gifs are set to play once, not loop), on the last one, add a Loops to first slide. That should be it.

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DANDY DJ6 on YouTube
Good stuff. My church uses a WordPress platform which suggests using feedburner so we can have the “enhanced feature” of artwork with our podcast. I instead installed powerpress by blubrry which allowed us to keep our own feed address (you didn’t explain that feedburner requires you to use a feedburner url for your rss which is the really scary part) and solve the problem of lack of artwork which is the reason we don’t want to use the built in podcast solution from this theme. I will be sharing your video with them.

My answer: You’re right. Feedburner is more problems than it’s worth for podcasting. PowerPress is the best choice…unless your media is hosted with Libsyn. In that case, they have a plug-in of their own.

I will say, that you _can_ use your own domain with Feedburner. I just wouldn’t use feedburner at all, not any more.

Dream Warriors Arts Production on YouTube (in response to my Kinetic typography lyrics without a click track video)

Only Propresenter 6 able to make it? and must apple mac pc to do it?

My answer: Pro5 or Pro6 will both do it. The mac version makes it easier because it has native support for ProRes4444. It’s supposedly possible to do it on a PC, but you need to install the codec. With that said, if you haven’t bought the machine yet, it might be worth the extra “Apple tax” to get a machine that does it out of the gate.

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