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Answers to church tech questions on Camera recommendation, lagging stream, and a live stream taking members

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On today’s Q & A, answers to church tech questions on Camera recommendation, lagging stream, and a live stream taking members

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Prince Extasy on YouTube
What video camera would you suggest for a beginner video production start up? budget is $1,500 and i want a camera, lights, umbrella and supporting tripods

A. It depends. For stuff that’s heavily edited, look at a DSLR, since record times tend to be shorter, but the video looks better. If you’re ever shooting events or live streaming, look for something in the Vixia line. With lights added into the mix, it’s going to be hard to hit that budget, but not impossible.

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..I don’t know what could be wrong,I’m fairly good with computers, I would say more knowledgeable than the usual tech savvy, again I have tried everything for streaming on YouTube at 720 and 1080p,the only thing I Haven’t tried is using my desktop which is a powerful gaming desktop,so far I have been. using my ? Laptop that also should be more than enough for streaming and editing since it is very powerful, atleast 3 times more than the requirements to…

A. Check everything else if you have good connectivity. Even the software you use could be causing your problem.

Pastor DeLoach via email
Hello Paul,

I’ve checked out a few of your you tube videos and have learned some things about cameras and the like. My question is what can a small ministry do to get exposure via video?  My plan is to put up my sermon clips “teasers”  with hopes to peak folks interest to come to our church or maybe get them to stop by our website to learn more about us and get the conversation going. We are not ready to do online streaming because it will take away from our membership at this present time or at least I think it will.

I’m sure you know that their are a lot of churches today and although we are not in competition with anyone; we need to do something to build awareness about who we are and what we do and I’m not sure what effective ways we can do that via video. We have a website,Twitter,Facebook,Instagram and things of that nature but I’m more interested in folks seeing us and not reading some tweet or providing some quote of the day-everyone seems to being doing that.

Whatever you can share would be appreciated.
Pastor DeLoach

A. First off, thanks for your questions.

I don’t agree that live streaming would take away from your church. Maybe people who are disinterested anyway would use it as an excuse to slowly move away from attending, but there are plenty of people for whom the opposite will happen.

Have any parents of young children? Right now, they stay home with sick kids and have no way to interact with the message. Deployed soldiers? With a live stream, they can “go to church” with their families and discuss the sermon afterwards as if they were there in person. Older people who can’t get to church? You might think that they don’t know computers, but the Macintosh was introduced 32 years ago. Someone who started using computers for work back then at the age of 40 would be 72 now days and perhaps be VERY tech savvy.

I like the idea of teasers on YouTube. They could direct people back to your website (which needs to be up to date because no one under 40 goes to a church without checking out their website first).

Consider also adding in short topical pieces (which could also be from the sermon). See if there’s someone in your church who can help with SEO (search engine optimization) for the titles so that people who have problems with their marriages, for example, can find clips which will help them (what a link at the end directing them to your website for more information).

There are a ton of churches nearly everywhere in the US. So, why are some churches really thriving and others are dying? I think part of it is a lack of differentiation between most churches. In the 1800s, denominations were what made one different than an other. Today, fewer people care.

Here’s how my church did it. We’re the church for people who don’t like church. There are fewer people in this category, but in my area, there are even fewer churches for these people. We’re good at evangelism, so having a church for these people is in line with kingdom purposes.

Now, what makes your church unique? Who can you reach out to that are being underserved? How can you combine that with kingdom purposes? Now, make videos (even if it’s just sermon clips) to target those people.

Consider using Google, Twitter, and Facebook ads targeted to those people in your local area. You can do so very inexpensively.

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