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Using a live video production camera

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On today’s Tech, No Babel: Using a live video production camera (note: This show is best consumed in video format)

Do you understand live production cameras?

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There’s a lot that’s different about live production cameras from DSLRs or even consumer camcorders.

Let’s start with the lens. A production lens has the ability to use a servo-controlled zoom as well as a mechanical focus. While the aperture is normally controlled with a CCU, it’s also possible to control that with a ring on the lens.

Production camera usually have a large view finder, but may also have an eye piece and even a flip-out viewfinder.

Normally, you’ll mount the camera on a tripod with both pan and tilt locks. The tilt lock should always be engaged when the camera isn’t being controlled by an operator.

Some cameras can be used as camcorders as well and may have configurations which allow studio control that can be removed for field use. These cameras may also be used handheld and their controls make that easy.

For more on how to use a production video camera, watch the video above.

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