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Podcasting: Advantages of podcasting for your church

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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, Podcasting: Advantages of podcasting for your church

Podcasting is great for subscribers, but what about for churches? There are some real advantages to podcasting over other media.

First, podcasting is time-shifted. You can record a podcast “live”, but it’s not live in the sense that the audience consumes it at the same time as it’s created. Sure, you can have a portion of the audience do so (in-person or with a live-stream), but the actual podcast audience is always listening to or watching a recording. For churches, this opens up 167 hours of the week that you’re not currently taking advantage of. What if someone gets off of work, right as your church service end? They can still listen to the podcast later. What if they oversleep? They can listen later.

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Podcasting is also geographically neutral. How far do people drive to come to your church? Fifteen minutes? Half hour? Does anyone fly? Anyone come from a different country?

With a podcast, people can consume your message from almost anywhere in the world that has internet.

Podcasts, especially audio ones, take less internet speed/bandwidth to download than other media. This also opens up who can consume them. A podcast that’s a few megabytes is easier to get than a YouTube video that may be tens or hundreds of times as large.

Finally, since podcasts require very little equipment, churches can “sneak” them into places that are closed to the Gospel. This is especially true for smaller churches. Willow Creek and Saddleback may be blocked by the “Great Firewall of China”, but will a small church in Kentucky or Montana or even Kenya? Depending on the name of your church and the name of your podcast, it’s possible that oppressive regimes won’t know to block you.

So, ultimately, podcasting increases the number of people who can interact with your church. You’re not limited by your size, when your service is, where you’re located, etc.

For more on these ideas, watch the video above.

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