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Troubleshooting Techniques: Reterminating Cables

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On today’s Tech, No Babel: Troubleshooting Techniques: Reterminating Cables

All things being equal, cables tend to have problems before hardware. Beyond that, the ends tend to have problems before the middle of a cable. So, reterminating cables will fix problems more than almost any other solution.

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This happened to me just last Saturday. I had just done some cleaning and rearranging of my office, moving the router from the far wall from my desk to one of the sides. In doing so, the whole system initially worked, until I moved the cables to make them neater.

After checking the obvious things (everything was plugged in and I restarted the router and the cable modem), it still didn’t work. Then I asked, “What changed?” The only thing that I had done was move cables. That told me I probably had an intermittent short.

Knowing that cables tend to break at the ends and not in the middle, I decided to reterminate the cable. I cut off the end that was most likely to have moved during the move and added a new end.

After testing, I found that I’d fixed the problem. Troubleshooting doesn’t go like that very often.

For more about reterminating cables, watch the video above.

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