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Church tech questions on ProPresenter’s Bible, PowerPoint, or multiple monitors

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On today’s Q & A, church tech questions on: ProPresenter’s Bible, PowerPoint, or multiple monitors

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Jodie Michele on YouTube
How do you make the bible verse go over the background? I’ve done in a couple of times and fluked it but now it just keeps coming up blank behind it and I would like to know how to control it.

Carl Virtanen via email
Ok, Paul, you’ve convinced me to reply.

I do have a question about ProPresenter. I’ve tried their knowledge base and it is fairly limited, though it seems I am not the only one with this problem. It seems that when we load a PPT presentation that has animated text on the slides, the animation does not work correctly on the first slide. All the rest, even with the same slide animations, work properly. I’ve tried debugging the situation and have concluded that it is likely a bug in one of the two programs that occurs at the hand-off between them. We are using Office 2007. We’ve also had the problem where ProP doesn’t detect PPT on the machine. Usually this occurs at the worst possible time–during the service. The fix listed on their knowledge base wasn’t completely effective. Anyway, we’ve just about given up on using PPT within ProP and now switch between the two programs for the pastor’s sermon, and back again. Are you familiar with this issue?

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Laura McGoveran via email
[I] am thankful to have found your online videos regarding ProPresenter 6 – you made it totally make sense! Thanks!

Scott Wanzer via email
We are running OS X Yosemite, v 10.10.5, and we are not getting an Arrangement tab in Displays.



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