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ProPresenter 6 Tutorial: Sermon Notes

If you want to add sermon notes to your presentation, there are a few strategies you should follow.

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First, it’s best to (assuming your pastor doesn’t use ProPresenter) to get a set of notes in .txt form. Any images or videos can be mentioned, but also be in a separate folder for easy import.

That’s the way I’d always ask for it. You can also copy and paste from a Word document or PDF, but that’s a little harder.

Once you have the text, it’s time to add Bible verses, builds, fill-in-the-blanks, etc. Watch the video above for how to do it.
If you must, you can always import powerpoint or keynote, but that would always be my last choice because you lose a lot of control and need the correct versions of the software installed to do it (and it may not be the latest version, as in the case of PowerPoint).

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