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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, Podcasting: Choosing a media host for a video podcast

If you’re video podcasting, there are some good and bad choices for video hosting. Here’s just a few and why they’re in their respective categories:

Youtube–It’s not a video podcast host; you can’t download videos.
Your web host–it’s not really unlimited, no matter what they claim. Do you really think Google could relocate to your web host because it’s “unlimited”? No.

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okay, free option:
Archive.org–Not really designed as a podcast host. Requires that your content be licensed under a creative commons licence.

okay, paid option:
S3–Not easy to use. Cheap at first, but as downloads increase, so do costs.

Better paid option:
Podbean.com–Designed as a podcast host. Has a plan specifically for video that’s not limited to a certain number or size of videos.

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