New features in ProPresenter 6 [Videos]

Yesterday, Renewed Vision released the Beta for ProPresenter 6 and I’ve been hard at work playing with it. I’ve already gotten to talk to a developer about a few bugs I’ve found, but all in all it’s really stable and I’m looking forward to the full release.

Last night, I went to the site and looked over the new features and created videos for most of them. I was up until almost 3 editing and uploading. I then took a break to sleep and got back at it this morning. Here are all the videos that I did:

Slide element transitions:

Websites as slides:

Bezier curves:

Marquees and scrolling text:

Reflow Presentation 2.0:


The Scheduler:

Enhanced Messaging:

Notes in contiguous view:

Cue Pallette:

Stage Display Enhancements:

Social enhancements (Instagram support):

Record output:

Bible Enhancements:

There are more features that I haven’t touched on yet, but it looks like Renewed Vision is doing their best to make me want to push for an upgrade.