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Getting more people to read your church email newsletter

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We all get a ton of email every day. It’s easy for important stuff to get buried or deleted by accident. How do you make sure this isn’t happening with your church email newsletter? Send it again.

How you send it again can make a big difference, though. If you send it only to people who haven’t opened the first one, you might find that you get better open rates. You can do this by segmenting the people who’ve opened the emails from those who haven’t and only send to them.

Another trick is to send follow up emails to people who clicked links, but didn’t follow through. Maybe someone got their attention at the wrong moment. Maybe they were running late for an appointment. Either way, if someone clicked a link in an email, they’re probably at least a little interested in the subject, so you can follow up with them.

Watch the video to learn how to do it in MailChimp.

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