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On today’s Q & A, church tech questions on:

Live-streaming needs, money, and of course, ProPresenter 5

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Santos Ramos Jr. on
Hey God bless. My church wants to start live streaming. What recommendations can u give me when it comes to cameras, tripods, lighting and software. What the best amount of Internet do we need steam successfully. .Thanks all the knowledge you have would be
much appreciated. Thanks have a good night and GOD bless
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Street beat tv on YouTube
can you make money on live streeming and how

Max via Email

Going back to my very first question about having the first slide of the next song appear in the “Next Slide” field of the Stage Display . . . we’ve been using the Cmd 0 function as you recommended and sometimes this does work well, but
Our real problem case is if we literally go from one song into another without stopping and with no bars in between. In this case, the vocalists still need the current slide to be displayed while at the same time seeing the next slide.
So it seems like we’re back to creating a new File for every medeley we do, which unfortunately negates our ability to use the Arrangement feature. Can seem to find any other way around this, though . . .
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