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Just a couple of ProPresenter 5 Questions

Here are the latest questions:

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Jackie via email:

…We have been using ProPresenter since July 2014 and were using an igrabber video capture to take live camera footage into ProPresenter for stage display for our congregation – this worked well for about 4 months. After that 2 things happened. The igrabber stopped working so we ordered a new one, and I updated our MacBook Pro Retina to Yosemite 10.10.1.

Now the MacBook doesn’t seem to recognise the igrabber, and we keep getting a message saying no available digitizer found! …

Thanks in advance


Max via email:
Thanks, Paul. Here’s another issue with workflow . . . in addition to doing a lot of medleys with our band, we very often will go back to a song sung previously and repeat only a part of it. Again, looking to understand the workflow of Propresenter so that we can do this without having to create a document in the libaray that would only ever be used once.

In Easyworship, once you bring a song into the playlist, it is no longer connected to the library version so that any changes you make to the song in the playlist don’t get changed in the master version. So we could simply bring in another instance of a song and then trim it down, say, to just the bridge and chorus just for that set.

I’ve thought of using Arrangements, but again it would be making an Arrnagement for just one use. Also thought of disabling slides, but this affects the other instances of the song in the playlist too, so would have to be done on the fly.

And thoughts?

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