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Live-streaming: Basic video for your live-stream part 2

A lot of beginning videographers get mesmerized by the variety of transitions you can do. For the vast majority of productions, you should limit them to two: cut and cross-dissolve. Of those, the cut should be used 95-99% of the time.

Another common mistake is the use of the word “pan.” Pan means across, as in “pan-american” or “panhellenic.” So, a pan is a left right camera movement. Nothing else. Other directions include dolly for moving the tripod forward and back. Truck is a side to side tripod movement. Raising the camera is a ped up movement (and lowering it is ped down). Finally, pivoting the camera on the tripod is a tilt.

You can combine movements for some interesting effects. The most famous of these is the DIZO or dolly in and zoom out. This was used to great effect in Vertigo.

Whatever movement you do, it should be intentional, starting and stopping at predetermined places. It should also not change direction without good reason. You don’t want your shot to look like a firehose.

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