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Live-streaming: Internet Speed requirements

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On today’s Tech, No Babel: Live-streaming: Internet Speed requirements

“Up to 20 Mbps” may not be enough to live-stream. Why? That’s the download speed. The number that really matters is upload. Depending on your service, you might only have 500kbps to 2 Mbps. While you can live-stream in SD at 500kbps, that doesn’t leave any room for network overhead or someone uploading a video just as you need to live-stream.

Notice the cheat words “up to” as well. Check to see if it’s like the store that proudly proclaims “up to 75% off” because they have one thing that’s 75% off. If you have up to 1 Mbps, but when you need it, it’s actually more like 500kbps, you’ve got a problem.

HD is worse. 720p could take up to 4x the speed of 360p. That means 2Mbps+ room for network overhead + a little more just in case and all the sudden you can’t stream as you’d like.

I’d recommend you get more than you need.

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