THFC140421 — Is online community real?

On today’s Tech Help for Churches, “Is online community real?”

People often ask if online community is real. In my experience, friendships I’ve made online are as real as those in person and when we meet in person, those friends tell stories and connect in ways only people who know and like each other do.

If you’re seeking community with others that share an experience, problem, struggle, etc., there are other advantages, too. Online, you can find a group of people who share what you’re going through where locally, there might not be that many who do. Additionally, anonymity is actually an asset. It enables transparency that you can’t have in contexts where people know each other and are afraid of being judged.

While there are times that you need a shoulder to cry on or a hug from someone who cares (and online, you can’t get that), sometimes you can get something much more — understanding.

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