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Judith Golightly On Twitter:

Hi, I’m following you , & I noticed that you have daily webcasts. Are they about social media? I’m leading a workshop in July on that subject. I’d be interested in getting your input on that. I’m attending a bereaved parents conference in July & I volunteered to lead this workshop.

I hope to demonstrate how using social media can help people connect with others who have had similar experiences, e.g. the loss of a child.

pn on church tech on g+
Starting a new blog. Previous one was on blogger. Current one is on WordPress. Is there anything better out there? What do you guys recommend? 

MCY on church tech on g+
Just found you guys and need some advice on a website host. We’re a United Methodist Church currently using e-zekiel thru UMC Communications. We’re feeling somewhat limited on what we can do with the current pricing plan we’re on but aren’t sure if it’s worth it to upgrade or just find somewhere else all together. Anyone have a favorite, easy to use and affordable platform they recommend?

Hey all. So I had a rather lengthy conversation tonight after band practice about 2 schools of though with slide breaks. But first let me give you some back story so you know where I’m at now.

We are about 3 months from being in our new gymatorium and our whole church is very excited about it. We just brought on a band member (who hasn’t finished college yet) as an intern to help the worship leader out. He is also our High School director and just had too much on his plate with both ministries and a newborn. So one of the responsibilities that was given the intern was to “do the propersenter slides.” poor choice of words at the time because all the worship leader did was make sure the words were in order and i handled making the slides look good (i.e. breaks/ backgrounds etc)

So the intern did his thing for a bout a month or 2 of ordering, and he tried to do some background choices, which i changed sometimes and sometimes i didn’t.

Well one week he did his thing and as i was looking over it, i noticed it was considerably more chopped up than normal. One or 2 lines a slide for most of the songs. So i changed it after practice and come Sunday when he saw the changes, he asked if i had changed them etc. So we talked about the disagreement of thought the week after that Sunday.

He explained to me that “this is what we are going to do.” So we talked for about 10 minutes and I tried to explain why this was not a good idea. In the end I didn’t think to question his authority which should have ended it if I did but I didn’t. I’m full time staff who was just hired just out of college. So we are very close in age, but fairly far in title.

Anywho we left that conversation that he would not use 1 line breaks but that it would be done his way. Just for some context as to our gear, our projectors are shooting in 4:3 at 800×600 res due to our terrible switcher matrix (looking forward to new gear!). so screen size is a big consideration, also our congregation is more “wise” than youthful.

So this past Sunday we got our first complaint that was sent in an email to me and the worship leader, so I went to talk to him about it and he agreed to sit in on a conversation with me and the intern. So us 3 talked it out tonight for a good 15 min. At the end of it the worship leader just wants us to prepare songs next week in our style and we will talk about them, but ultimately he is giving me the right to choose how we break the slides.

I’m making such a big deal about this because i don’t feel the band really trusts me. I want to show them I really do know and love A/V. so with all this said any suggestions as to what may help this situation further? I would appreciate seeing your ProP files when you are done with them this Sunday if you could post them, or just a few songs you just worked on. Thanks in advance for any advice/ files

Hello all,

Looking for suggestions out there – We have a few bible study leaders that like to put their sessions online for people who can’t make their midweek studies. So, I have been trying to find a good solution but have been having horrible success rates.

I feel like I’ve tried quite a few methods ranging from a Zoom H2 and wireless packs, capturing just room sound, and just recently I’ve tried to simplify by running a Zoom H1 with just a lapel mic plugged directly into it.

For some reason, the recordings I get back seem to have a 50/50 chance of being corrupt. Like a microphone was not plugged in all the way, the leader never actually started the recording, wireless packs didn’t get turned on, or buttons were accidentally pressed. I don’t know how I could simplify any further, but what do you guys think?

Anyone out there have a similar situation to mine? I just need something that is SO EASY to use that just about anyone could take the equipment and run with it and feel comfortable operating it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, these are just podcasts that go online for people who missed the sessions. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

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