Q & A for February 28, 2014: Cheap projectors, reverb, and Easy Worship On today’s Q & A, questions on Cheap projectors, reverb, and Easy Worship.

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BK on ChurchTech on g+

Any suggestions for a projector. 300 is my budget.

JB on ChurchTech on g+
Howdy from Texas all! I have an audio question if I may ask. We have a fellowship hall that is ideal for showing movies, simulcasts, etc., but there is a huge reverb problem. The room is very echoey – I assume it is because the floor is painted concrete and the audio just bounces all around. Is there any way to resolve this echoey audio reverb issue in there without spending a bunch of money on carpet and curtains on the walls?

BK on ChurchTech on g+
Anyone use easy worship? I am new to our church and this is the software they use. Any tips or tricks? Or a link to some hints.

NM on ChurchTech on g+
Question: How do you all label your sound board in regards to the channels that can change based on who is leading, or playing specific instruments? I’ve been thinking about creating labels with small fridge magnets… But wasn’t sure if that would cause harm to the board. Any thoughts?

AB on ChurchTech on g+
Researching new HD cameras for IMAG/Live Stream…

Whats the buzz? Anyone have good suggestions?

jk on CMN
The Vision
Hey everyone, I would love to see your responses to the following two questions. What is your purpose for serving in the media/technology ministry? What is your vision as the leader of this ministry in your church? Thanks

Find or Train
So here is an ongoing debate around our “water cooler”. Do we rely on finding experts who come to us knowing how to shoot and edit quality video, run a soundboard etc. OR do we take interested novices and invest money into training programs to get them to where they can produce the quality we need. For example I have people who want to be on our video production team but they have little to no experience. I want to purchase final cut, tutorials, network with the local college for workshops etc. That wil mean dollars, which we are short on. What I am hearing is that I should be more focused on those already doing it who can bring their own toys, but honestly there are not too many of those folks out there. Advice?

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