THFC140203 — 5 ways to take your church’s blog to the next level


On today’s Tech Help for Churches: 5 ways to take your church’s blog to the next level

  1. Better titles
  2. A title isn’t just a short sentence that tells what a post is about. It’s also an attempt to persuade people to read what you’ve written, created, etc. Sometimes a slight tweak in the title will get you to read something. This show is called “5 ways to…” because people are more likely to read a list than a huge post. The list makes it easier to skim. The title tells them that it’s easier to digest.

  3. SEO & keywords
  4. It’s easy to think that you’re above the evils of SEO and keywords, but think of it as just using the right synonyms that people are looking for. At my church, we call the announcement time “Strategic Matters” or “Strat Mats” for short. If I was writing about that time, I’d call it something like “Getting the best impact from your announcement time at church” not “strat mats”. The reason is because people might be looking for “announcement help,” but I’d bet almost no one is looking for “strat mats.”

  5. Numbered lists
  6. Lists are easier to digest. I can skim a list. I can decide if I want to dive deep into it. I can even take notes just by writing down the list. It has so many advantages.

  7. Interviews
  8. Does your congregation really know the leaders ahead of you in your denomination? Do they understand what goes on in the other ministries that your church has? Interview the leaders in these areas to get people really engaged with them.

  9. Slide shows
  10. Here’s a simple one. At your next baptism, outreach event, children’s fun day, etc., have someone take pictures and just put them up as a slide show with captions describing what happened. You don’t have to write a lot. Just write something short and sweet. You’ll be amazed at what you hear.

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