Q & A for January 31, 2014

Today, I answered questions on HDMI, video systems, and propresenter. Here they are: HDMI, a video system, and ProPresenter

Moving Away From HDMI
Good morning! I’m the Tech Director at a medium size church. We run 1 service simultaneously in 2 venues. We have projection in both venues and we capture audio and video for various media formats. We are in the process of a large scale building project which includes tech upgrades.

Up to this point we have relied heavily on HDMI. I would like to move us away from this format. My reasons for doing so include HDCP, short cable runs and the use of DA`s, connector durability and finally, general bugginess.

Instead, I would like to move us to an SDI based system. I believe it’s more reliable and easier to maintain. My concern is with our projectors. They do not have an SDI input. Only HDMI as well as the standard analog and digital inputs. I want to avoid HDMI to such a degree that I’m seriously considering putting in an SDI to analog video component mini converter right at the projector rather than SDI to HDMI. Then, once our budget permits, upgrading our projector to a better model with an SDI input.

Are there any potentially serious issues with converting to analog component video at the projector? Or, should I keep using the HDMI input on the projector?

Church A/V Technology on g+

I’m in search of a good, low cost, mic option for a upright piano. We’re currently using a Shure SM57 pointed at the back of the sounding board. This method works, but isn’t giving as much clarity as we’d like.
Any tips or ideas? Thanks!

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Submitted on 2014/01/23 at 4:02 pm
Hi Paul
please help me set up a list of equip to capture a podium 50′ away from camera, then send to a room via cable to an overflow room to project onto a screen..

carlos Ramos1 on YouTube

hi: Im from spain, I want to know if it is possible to change de scale and size of the Backgrounds in ProPresenter5.

vhm on CMN
projector to tv screens
I pray someone can help me out here, we are using a apple g5 running pro presenter connected to a projector, how can we get the image from the projector onto 2 or more tv screen wirelessly( without using any cords or wires) the building that we have our services does not belong to use the ministry that owns it wont let us run any cords or wires to the tv’s. The tv’s would be about 60ft from the media booth. Any suggestions the tv’s are newer and have hdmi & usb ports. Any help would be appreciated thank you & God Bless

BTM Church A/V Technology on g+

Hey all … I’ve been asked by a pastor’s school to make some book recommendations. The books they’ve selected for the “Communications” course are … well, let’s say if 1955 ever comes back they’re set. What recommendations would you offer to those in a pastor’s preparation course on web development, digital communications, etc. (Remember, these aren’t techies … but they’ll be the ones making tech recommendations in mid to small churches.) Thanks for your input!

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