Q and A for January 3, 2014

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H on writes:

I need some advice
I’ve been in charge of the multi media for a couple of years, We ‘re a small church, everything is voluntary. There are four other people who help out with the multi media and I can’t rely on any one of them to do the job properly. It’s getting to be a huge headache now with people refusing to display songs or putting the wrong one up, messing with the recorder so I can’t make a CD of the service because it’s ruined, not checking things, turning up late.

Now the pastor and church administrator are complaining and I don’t know what to do, I’m not convinced they’re right for the job but no one else will help out. How can I encourage these people to take the job seriously, it’s like a huge game to them and they’re not bothered if it all falls apart, it’s like a big joke and I don’t know what to do. I feel like saying ‘ thanks, but no thanks’

tm on writes:

help in hardware for video streaming
Hello and God bless. We are rebuilding our church, after burning down in 2011, and I have been assigned the setup of the sound and video system in the church, and of course on a limited budget. We will be sending video over an VGA cable, 175 ft, to an Epson Powerlite 1960 projector and sound from a 32 channel board, not sure of make right now as it is one donated to us for now. We also had two 32 inch smart TV’s donated that will be installed in the nursery and one in the entrance area, both about 50 ft away. They are talking about eventually setting up a remote camera and streaming on line, so I am thinking I might as well get some of the stuff set up to make it easier when we are ready to install the camera and do the streaming.

What is the best hardware configuration to go from the CPU to VGA output splitter/booster to a second computer, most likely a MacBook pro as well as to the two, and up to 4, TV’s, which will only broadcast what is presented to the congregation. I was thinking HDMI to the TV’s and to the Macpro. We will also have wired internet at the station, as well as up to the projector and at the stage, for use where necessary.

STR on writes

s-video/composite seamless switcher
Does anyone know of a decent 4 input (s-video and composite) seamless switcher? I have been looking at the Kramer VP-27, it’s actually perfect for our application, but the price is kinda high and I can’t confirm if it has seamless switching. Right now we are using a cheap ($30) switcher, but when we switch from one input source to another, we see and hear static on the output devices.
Thank you in advance.

rP from

Confidence monitor wireless feed?

Way out of my element in video but …..
our singers need some sort of confidence monitor for lyrics. We might have a space at the back of our sanctinasium but that’s 80 feet from the stage. I think that would have to be a good sized screen and projector. We use EasyWorship currently to drive our two SD screens (one signal).

I was wondering about wirelessly broadcasting to a couple of 32″ monitors near the stage with something like Chromecast (I know nothing about) or some similar device. I would rather not introduce more wires laying around the stage.

Any ideas?


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