THFC131028 — Twitter Outreach

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Outreach might be just getting more people to your church or it might be evangelism. Either way, you should consider how you use Twitter for it.

Look at these guidelines and see if they help you:
1. Address “felt needs” by adding value.
2. Let love guide you.
3. Converse instead of broadcast, whenever possible.
4. Avoid “humble bragging” because it’s just a way to lie about the fact that you’re bragging.
5. Highlight other ministries that do things that are admirable.

This show is recorded live on every Monday at 11a eastern, 8a pacific. Join the live audience then and interact as you will with the chat room.

Note: Because I’m having an issue with wirecast AND I just upgraded GarageBand (which now needs to finish downloading some loops), the audio podcast is delayed, but should arrive soon.

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