ChurchTechCast Q & A for October 25, 2013

My streaming software had a couple of issues, so I apologize for the video quality, but the information is still good.

Here are this week’s questions:
What does CCLI licensing cover?
We are dealing with a salesman/contractor to get a video recording system installed in our church.

When we were talking about uses, he said his church only records the sermon, because they didn’t have enough money to pay for the copyright rights to record and copy the congregational singing.

We informed him we had a CCLI license that covers that. He indicated that the CCLI license only covers reproducing lyrics, and we would need a performance royalty license to record copyrighted music, even in live performance.

That’s not my understanding at all.

The CCLI site says:

What you can do
Record your worship services (audio or video) provided you only record live music. Accompaniment tracks cannot be reproduced. You may charge up to $4 each for audiocassette tapes and CDs, and $12 each for videotapes and DVDs.
So it looks pretty clear to me.

He says that still only applies to lyric reproduction. I just don’t see it.

We are going to contact CCLI to get clarification.

But does anyone here want to weigh in? I honestly though we were doing the legal thing.


Church Tech on g+

For you Apple desktop/laptop owners, who is downloading Maverick ASAP and who is waiting?

Follow up:
JK on Facebook:
What is this Maverick and should I download it?

Christians in Business on g+

Twitter, My account in trouble

I just looked at my stats.. seems like I tweet a lot.. but my followers are so small.. what % do you find of followers. Do you really get more quality followers if you follow more?

2,400 Tweets
667 Following

Would love to get your guys/gals opinions. I am using Twitter a bit more for researching my competition and also finding new potential clients.

How do you use Twitter? Thanks to +Paul Clifford for getting me started down this road, even though I am not a church.

CIB on G+
I have some questions in regards to my Blog

I like the free theme, I am using, but for some reason, the picture will not show in the place it should. I have a picture directly in the post and it should show in the home page, where all the posts are. Funny thing is, the pictures I have placed in some of them show up and other ones that are creative commons don’t..

I wonder if that is the issue? I like the Theme, but If I can’t figure out how to do this, I might have to change to another theme- This would be the 3rd change in about 2 weeks. Or is it because I changed my permalink to a more easier wording for SEO purposes? I just noticed this on the one that shows up.

If you could help in this minor tweak, i would greatly appreciate it. I am having more and more people follow my blog, so I like what I am seeing, but I still have a lot more work to do.

Here is my Blog –

Maverick Compatibility

Who out there’s been testing Maverick so far? I’ve not had time to play with it yet, but thought we could start a thread on how it’s performing with all of our favorite production apps.

I am particularly interested in how it’s working with ProPresenter, Blackmagic Media Express, Adobe Creative Cloud, Jands Vista, and Yamaha Editor/Dante apps.

Would love some feedback from anyone that’s done testing with any of these programs, or share your feedback of how it’s working with the programs you use.

Podcast Hosting / XML Shared

We are looking for a cost effective yet efficient host to place our audio and video podcast files for itunes. We are currently using a service but we are cancelling our contract.

What would you recommend for hosting?

Also what would you recommend for updating xml file for itunes podcasts?

Thank You!

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