“Duplicate Post” and “WordPress Editorial Calendar”: My Two Favorite New Plugins

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 9.39.26 PM

I know they’re not new new, but they’re new to me because I just found them. I think they’ll really help my work flow: Duplicate Post and WordPress Editorial Calendar.

The first, does exactly what the name implies; it duplicates a post. Let’s say you have a type of post that’s mostly the same on a regular basis, like a podcast episode or a newsletter. Some of the content changes, but a lot (like maybe subscription information or a cover photo) stays the same. This plugin adds a little link in the back end that says “Clone” under every post. You hit that button and it makes a copy of the original. Now, just change what needs to be changed and you’re done. Very fun.

WordPress Editorial Calendar gives you a calendar view of posts that are scheduled, so you can see any gaps. I’d love to have something everyday of the week, but sometimes I forget what’s scheduled when. This plugin shows a calendar with the post listed on the day it was published or is scheduled to be published. Now, I can just go through and fill in the gaps and I’m done. I can also use it as a brainstorming tool. I know I need to fill 10 days this month (or whatever), so I can go to my list of topics and just add them for each empty date.

How about you? What are some plugins that you’ve found for WordPress that really help you get things done?

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