Q and A for July 19, 2013

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*JT on G+
hey friends!! anyone have some thoughts on breaking the church plant mindset when it comes to tech gear? We were a plant 7 years ago and we are still looking for the cheapest equipment and replacing it when it breaks which becomes more costly then purchasing better gear at a higher cost. Thoughts?

*JS on G+
… Is piracy okay because big businesses are charging too much? Or is piracy stealing and a blatant disregard for God’s command?

*YB on G+
…I have [a] version of some verrrrry expensive software… I use for work. I also at times put together some of the church video snippets and announcement videos.
A few times I’ve needed to make tweaks and slight changes between services, so I run home quickly when I should be either in Sunday school or getting the media ministry ready for next service.

I’m really considering putting my OWN LEGIT copy of software on one of our media ministry computers at church.

The rub is, of course, that “the man,” as you all have called them, says I don’t really OWN my copy of MY software and even if I have copied MY software to a laptop or other computer in MY house, it’s different than putting it on a computer at another physical place.

I’m really not cool with their perceived hold on me. I believe I OWN my software and if I want to gift it or work in another location I should be able to.

I haven’t done this yet, but I’m considering it.

What say you all to that little twist ??

*BA on G+
…We moved from a printed newsletter to an online newsletter. We offer it in PDF format and on issu. We also send an email to all who have subscribed so they can go read the newsletter when it comes out. …

The problem is this doesn’t work real well on mobile devices. So my question is, how is everyone else making their newsletter available on mobile devices? …

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