Last Week’s Links for 2011-11-07

  • I might have to make one of these and run it through a DIY fog chiller: Make a Fog Machine for Your Party for $5 #
  • I doubt it will work on an iPhone, but good for android: Build a Cell Phone Charger in 5 Minutes Inside Radio Shack #
  • Add a fan and I bet it would work for small rooms: Make a Fog Machine for Your Party for $5 #
  • This is how we program at our church: The Entire Service is One Message #
  • I like these examples of QR codes: Creative Mobile QR Code Ads #
  • Genius! Next time I sell something on ebay I'm totally using this trick: New Uses for Plastic Bags #
  • I heard some little old ladies talking about the Bible apps they use on their iPhones at lunch today–cute. #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @tmpollard @genyjen #
  • Reminds me of "My Generation: Rap." Pastor Ken, this is for you: History of Rap, Part 3 #
  • Much better than the OS X version: Day-O #
  • Looks like it collects deals so you can save $$$$: BiteHunter – Search & Dine. #
  • Almost a year ago I started writing "Podcasting Church" because of this challenge: Write Nonfiction in November #
  • It's sad how accurate this is: Skit Guys – The Skinny On Evangelism! #
  • Note to self for the next flight w/ wifi I take: How to Make the Most of Airplane Wi-Fi and Never Pay Full Price Again #
  • She doesn't look like Lex Luthor, but Superman keep clear: DIY Glowing “Kryptonite Candy” #
  • Salty language, but helpful w/ deadlines: 24-hour countdown clock #
  • You know I'm a fan of QR codes. Here's how to tweak 'em: How to Customize and Decorate Your QR Codes with Pictures #
  • Had a great #men #039;sretreat. I even did a little writing for #TheServingChurch Really need to finish #tweetingchurch One more chapter. #
  • Looks like I'm going to be installing a video system for a local church. Can I help you do something technical? #
  • Jesus' mission was not to fix the world, but to fix it. #
  • Good place to get costume ideas for next year: Costume DB – Browse Halloween Costumes! #
  • Correction: Jesus' mission was not to fix the world, but to redeem it. #
  • Cool and cheap: IKEA Hackers: Charging Station for $6+ #
  • If you're using copyrighted music without permission, let this be a wakeup call: Small church sued for infringement #
  • Good technical info and examples of use for QR codes: QR (Quick Response) Code Guide #
  • I did some math and realized that I've saved $48,000 by keeping my old car: The True Cost of Commuting #

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