Last Week’s Links for 2011-10-31

  • Cool idea. I'm interested: Backup Box #
  • I'll have to do this when I use my cheap tripod: Best Camera Trick Ever! #
  • As a kid, I really wanted to make some of this for every time someone said "I don't know." : Gunge Slime #
  • I need this for saturday pm when I need to wake up well on sunday am: Match your sleep cycle I wake up refreshed! #
  • I really want my office to open like this: Making a Motorized Secret Entrance #
  • Something to add for my church's trunk or treat?Live video might make it really fun: DIY Haunted Mansion Singing Ghosts #
  • The future is now: Military Dad Reads to Daughter on Video Recording #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @policeradiol1ve #
  • Very cool! I've used an iPhone in a pinch before; good to know: iPhone 4S / Canon 5d MKII Side by Side Comparison #
  • Looks like they still need some work on ios 5 jailbreaking: SemiTether Makes iOS 5 Jailbreaks Rebootable w/o a Computer #
  • If you like documentaries: Catalogs Free Documentaries from Around the Web #
  • Also good info for podcasters: How Can I Set Up a Home Recording Studio on the Cheap? #
  • Hmm. Interesting camera hack: Build Your Own Selective Focus Lens on the Cheap #
  • Another great tip; yep I'll use it: Instantly Turn Any Text into a Sticky Note w/ This Mac Keyboard Shortcut #
  • Great behind the scenes on a nice video promo: Behind the scenes of The Heist trailer for our new #1 app! #
  • Interesting CSS effect: An explanation of the CSS animation on Apple's iPhone 4S webpage — John B. Hall #
  • I could use this to turn a website with downloads into a podcast: FeedBeater Creates RSS Feeds for Any Site #
  • You might have noticed I have about 4000 followers. Here's a class on how I did it: “Twitter Secrets!” #
  • Where do you get computer controlled Christmas lights? Try here: Light-O-Rama Computerized Shows #
  • More cool lighting ideas: A Light Wall Of Light From Bed Sheets And PVC #
  • I taught this class at Podcamp Cincinnati; if there's interest, I'll do it in Lexington: “Twitter Secrets” #
  • Great video about what's great about the web: What do you love about the web? #
  • Not bad pricing if you need some scanning done: 1DollarScan #
  • Cool ideas. Some of the gestures seem wrong, though: Microsoft Shows Us Their Vision for the Future #

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