Last Week’s Links for 2011-11-07

  • I might have to make one of these and run it through a DIY fog chiller: Make a Fog Machine for Your Party for $5 #
  • I doubt it will work on an iPhone, but good for android: Build a Cell Phone Charger in 5 Minutes Inside Radio Shack #
  • Add a fan and I bet it would work for small rooms: Make a Fog Machine for Your Party for $5 #
  • This is how we program at our church: The Entire Service is One Message #
  • I like these examples of QR codes: Creative Mobile QR Code Ads #
  • Genius! Next time I sell something on ebay I'm totally using this trick: New Uses for Plastic Bags #
  • I heard some little old ladies talking about the Bible apps they use on their iPhones at lunch today–cute. #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @tmpollard @genyjen #
  • Reminds me of "My Generation: Rap." Pastor Ken, this is for you: History of Rap, Part 3 #
  • Much better than the OS X version: Day-O #
  • Looks like it collects deals so you can save $$$$: BiteHunter – Search & Dine. #
  • Almost a year ago I started writing "Podcasting Church" because of this challenge: Write Nonfiction in November #
  • It's sad how accurate this is: Skit Guys – The Skinny On Evangelism! #
  • Note to self for the next flight w/ wifi I take: How to Make the Most of Airplane Wi-Fi and Never Pay Full Price Again #
  • She doesn't look like Lex Luthor, but Superman keep clear: DIY Glowing “Kryptonite Candy” #
  • Salty language, but helpful w/ deadlines: 24-hour countdown clock #
  • You know I'm a fan of QR codes. Here's how to tweak 'em: How to Customize and Decorate Your QR Codes with Pictures #
  • Had a great #men #039;sretreat. I even did a little writing for #TheServingChurch Really need to finish #tweetingchurch One more chapter. #
  • Looks like I'm going to be installing a video system for a local church. Can I help you do something technical? #
  • Jesus' mission was not to fix the world, but to fix it. #
  • Good place to get costume ideas for next year: Costume DB – Browse Halloween Costumes! #
  • Correction: Jesus' mission was not to fix the world, but to redeem it. #
  • Cool and cheap: IKEA Hackers: Charging Station for $6+ #
  • If you're using copyrighted music without permission, let this be a wakeup call: Small church sued for infringement #
  • Good technical info and examples of use for QR codes: QR (Quick Response) Code Guide #
  • I did some math and realized that I've saved $48,000 by keeping my old car: The True Cost of Commuting #

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Paul Alan Clifford, M.Div. has been a tech volunteer with Lexington City Church (formerly Quest Community Church) in Lexington, KY since 2000 and is the founder of, llc. He became part of the technology in ministry team when his church’s attendance was around 200 in one Sunday service and has witnessed it’s growth to a peak of 5,200 average weekly attendance in one Saturday service, four Sunday services in one online and two physical campuses. He literally wrote the book on podcasting in churches, twitter in churches, & servant-hearted volunteering, as well as writing various articles for publications like “Church Production” and “Technologies for Worship” magazines. He has thousands of members of his ProPresenter Users' Group on Facebook and thousands of subscribers to his YouTube channel.