How to use Resi with ProPresenter 7.3

How to use Resi with ProPresenter 7.3

When ProPresenter 7.3 was released, the BIG announcement was integration with Resi ( Resi is a live-streaming host that uses an alternative method to traditional RTMP. As a result, it eliminates buffering and the effects network congestion for a beautiful, uninterrupted live-streaming experience.

Before, you needed to use a hardware encoder, costing in the range of $1500. Now, you can do it all in ProPresenter 7.

Should churches who already have a hardware encoder use Pro7, instead? Probably not. BUT, if your church needs a portable live-streaming rig, using Resi with ProPresenter is gonna be a better choice than other solutions.

For churches wanting to up their live-streaming game, Resi integration can do a lot.

For how it all works, watch the video above.

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