ProPresenter 7 Tutorial: How to fake the Master Control module using Companion and StreamDeck

How to fake the master control module using Companion and Streamdeck

In Pro6, you could buy a special module to allow you to control a second instance of the software on another computer. With Pro7, they are working on something similar, but it hasn’t yet been released, so I heard Brad Zimmerman (who does the official tutorials) suggest that maybe you could do it with Companion.

So, this is how it’s done. First, you don’t NEED a stream deck, although if you want one, the tactile buttons are nice. Click here to get the one I’m using. (affiliate link).

Second, you want to use the companion software, not the streamdeck software. For pro7, you’ll need companion 2.0 (currently in beta). So go to, click on download, login (you might need to register, which is free) and then click on 2.0 Beta. On the next page, search for “ProPresenter”.

I downloaded and installed: From there, you’ll need to install two instances (one for each copy of Pro7 that’s running that you want to control). Now, follow the directions in the video above and add a button that controls both (after you’ve changed the ip address and port for each instance).

Bonus: if you want to be able to control one or the other sometimes, add controls for each individually.

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