How to find out if your favorite apps will run on MacOS Catalina (important for some ProPresenter users)

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Here’s a great write-up on how to do this from 9-to-5 mac.

Presented by ChurchTechU, it’s the ProPresenter show. On today’s show, why you should be careful about upgrading to MacOS Catalina…even if ProPresenter itself will work fine with it.

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MacOS Catalina was announced last month at Apple’s world wide developer conference, and while there are some things are are gonna be awesome, one thing will be troublesome to some, especially if you have the multiscreen or edge blending modules.

I got this information from 9 to 5 Mac.

Hold down option and click on the apple icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Then, while holding it down, click on system information. Now, scroll down to software and expand it by clicking the triangle next to if…if it’s not pointed down already. Now select Applications. After a moment (depending on how much software you have), it will populate a list. Now scroll sideways until you see a “64-bit (intel)” column. Click on the column and it will list apps by whether or not they are 64-bit. Now, look for apps that you need to replace.

One important one, if you have the multi-screen or edge blending module is Matrox PowerDesk. Another one is MPEG Streamclip.

So that’s it; 32-bit apps are on their way out. Now you know which ones you have and whether this will be an issue for you. It could be that some of them you don’t use with ProPresenter, but need them for other things, so just be careful.

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